How to Create Gmail Account – Gmail sign up/ Registration process

By | November 9, 2017

Gmail Account:- In this era of internet, it is almost a prerequisite to have Gmail account. Everybody knows about Google and Gmail is the Google product. So, you can access several benefits by creating your own Gmail account. Once you register or sign up for Gmail, you are automatically getting an authentication to use all the services which are provided by the Google. It depends on you activate all the services as per your need while some of them are automatically activated by the Google for you.

Now, if you do not have your Gmail account then you can create your Gmail account easily. The complete process or stepwise details are given below. You can follow the instructions and create Gmail account. In the sign-up process, you are asked some basic questions. You should provide the answers to those questions. You should also know that the answers to all the questions are not mandatory. You can go with below steps to create or sign up Gmail account.

Steps for Gmail signup step by step | Create Gmail Account

  • First of all open the “Gmail homepage” and for this, you can open “” or “” by entering it in the address bar of your browser. Or you can also open “” and then click “Gmail” link available on the right top of the Google homepage.
  • Then click “Create an account” option. You can see this link directly at the bottom of the page but if it is not available then click “More Option” >> ‘Create an account’.

Gmail Account

  • You will need to click on that button and have to fill the required details asked by the Google Gmail.

Gmail Account

  • Agree on Google Gmail terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

Gmail Account

  • After accepting T&C your account will be created and you can use your Gmail account. The Gmail sign up process has been done now.

The basic information asked by Gmail in Sign up process | Create Gmail Account

Step 1: First and Last Name

Type your first name and the last name in the boxes. The name that you type will display to other people to whom you send emails. So, type exact name that you want to display your email.

Step 2: Username

With your username, you can access your Gmail account. Select your username that should be unique. The format of username is ‘[email protected]’. You can use alphabets, numbers etc in your username.

Step 3: Password & Re-Confirm Password

  • Type password

A password is very sensitive while creating a Gmail account. If you want to keep your information safe and secure, then make a strong password. For a strong password, you can use capital as well as small letters, symbols, and numbers. The length of the Gmail password must be of 8 characters.

  • Confirm password

You will need to re-type your Gmail password in the confirm password box. If you type it correctly then the Google matches your passwords and allowed you to proceed further.

Step 4:  Fill Birthdate

It is mandatory to provide your date of birth. Select your month, day and year.

Step 5: Gender

After this, you will need to select your gender.  Four options are available (Male, Female, Other and Rather not say). You can select any one from these options.

Step 6: Mobile Number

Enter your mobile number.  It comes with your country code. Actually, it is optional to provide your mobile number but you are advised to provide your mobile number. In case you want to recover your password in the forget condition then it helps in recovering your password.

Step 7: Current email address

You can provide another email ID as it will be used for recovery purposes. It is optional and you may leave this section blank.

Step 8: Location/Country

You will need to select your location/ country for the further personalize your Gmail account.

Step 9: Agree on Gmail Term of Service & Privacy Policy

Finally, you will need to accept the “Term of Service & Privacy Policy” of Gmail. Now, you can access your Gmail account as the sign-up process has been completed.

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